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Rémy Eynard, teacher in
design methodologies &
extended reality technologies

Curriculum Vitae


Rémy Eynard

Teacher in design methodologies
& extended reality technologies.

Professional Activities

- Since September 2017 -

- September 2016 — August 2017 -

Temporary lecturer and research assistant at the faculty of literature and humanities Victor-Segalen.

- July 2010 — November 2012 -

Project manager, webmaster and back office instructor at Insign.

Academic background

- January 2013 — April 29, 2016 -

PhD student in industrial engineering at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts & Métiers - LAMPA EA-1427.

"Investigating the impact of verbal social
interaction on user experience in
3D immersive real-time environments"

PhD thesis (fr)  Defense slideshow  Reviews 

- September 2004 — December 2009 -

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Teaching activities,
course materials*

*All my course materials are written in French.

Design methodology

Tools & knowledge

Project-based teaching

Ⓐ - Students in their first year of engineering school.
Ⓑ - Students in their third year of engineering school.

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